Our Rock Solid bins are used as a vehicle to divert clothing from landfills, at the same time we are creating local employment as well as helping support non-profit organizations. We are on a quest to collect and recycle textiles away from local landfills, helping local governments reduce their textile footprints.

Rock Solid would like to invite you to join us in our quest.

Concept: Using collection bins TO divert clothing from landfills while recycling the clothes for reuse. We can develop an approach that will work for you in your community or municipality. Find out how this can be done.

Available in these sizes:

4ft x 4ft x 6ft (ht)
5ft x 4ft x 4ft (ht)

Customized Bins Available.

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Spend a day looking around for Fiberglass. You will find this composite of material of glass fiber and resin used to combat weather, improve thermal efficiency and resist impact resistance without warping or cracking. In our experienced hands, Fiberglass composite can be molded into any shape offering high strength and a long life span. Our technicians are true customizers, creating exceptional products with innovative approaches.

This business is a progression enterprise dedicated to the creation of quality products in manufacturing distribution and application of composite based products both fiberglass and plastics.

We are currently seeking new clients and products in USA & Canada.

Ford TopsDodge TopsChev Tops


Interior Moldings


Customized Products Available.


Currently thermoforming Ford Interiors, extended and standard.

We have currently purchased thermoforming equipment and are currently seeking new clients and products in USA & Canada.

The Thermoforming Process




ABS Interiors

Customized Products Available.


  • Canadian Brest Cancer Foundation | Fondation canadienne du cancer du sein
  • Eastern Recyclers Association